Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time for Change

Dear Friends and Readers of this blog,

Sarawak will be having it's election this Saturday, 16-April. This is the time when we, as the rakyat, decide our own fate. Sometimes we complained, our life sucks, our work sucks, our pay sucks, our infrastructure sucks etc. Why is it that we complained so much?

That is because our life is hard! We complain our life sucks, because our pay sucks. Is it really that our pay/salary sucks, or is it the inflation and over-the-roof pricing sucks? Ask yourself, at western country, a person with 3k monthly salary can live without any stress, but here, what can we do with 3k per month? We bought our car at the price of RM50k (Myvi only) but at western country, you can bought a very good + branded car at merely 30k. The housing here priced at RM300k (Terrace only) but oversea a very good house costs merely 100k.

Why is all this happening in our country? Because of corruption. A house can be build at the price of 100k, but sold at 300k, because the rest of the money you need to "supply" to certain "party" in order to get the house on the market.

One of the world richest man is actually receding here in Sarawak. His property, I cannot even count the number of zeros available. One will guess that a man with such wealth will at least 'donate' some for charity for the benefit of those less fortunate, but NO. This person's greed knows no boundary.

Thus, everyone, remember this 16-April, vote wisely. Every single vote counts. Do you want to change your life for the worst, or better?


Newspaper Star said...

Even all chinese or urban voter vote DAP, pekmoh still is the king here because outside urban areas BN win all seats.

I have a new strategy that will make opposition stronger in Sarawak. But it will only works if many people follow me (which sounds impossible as I am not influential).

It may be hassle, but I will publish it one day when I am free.

On Monday I will officially do it! One day I will announce.

RaiNboW said...

Agree that we can't win 2/3 majority, but at least their seat is continuously decreasing every term. And we manage to put some opposition into the state assembly to keep an eye on them.