Monday, April 25, 2011

Fish Head Noodle @ Stutong

Lunch today, I decided to try out the new Fish Head Noodle besides 456 kopitiam at Stutong near 1TJ there.

The place is clean and neat. But then the price of the food is not cheap. The one we ordered are fish slice with noodles. Ah Phui's is clear soup, while mine is evaporated milk soup. :)

Slurp slurp. It's yummy.. I never regretted it. Just that the price of this set of meal is RM8.50 each. A bit pricey in my opinion. Well, it's once in a while treat, so, ok lah.. hehe...


Newspaper Star said...

Nowadays many kopitiam at Kuching use number as shop name. Wonder why~

jasonblue said...

It is delicious. However, haven't try the evaporated milk soup before. Wondering how it test!