Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday activities: MBO, MBSB, FOS

On Saturday, we planned out our plan. First we went to have breakfast , after breakfast, we will head straight to the Spring and booked our ticket for the movie Thor.

However, this MBO at the Spring really sucks. Their program is updating and thus we cannot reload our membership card with enough money to watch the movie. So, we try to buy our ticket at the counter there. But this very fat manager and their little girls, would not allow us to buy the ticket at membership price even though we have the membership. Their only reasoning is that buying from counter must use the original price, if use membership price, they have to top up the extra RM1 by themselve. Personally I think their service and management has some issue here. Or they are just plain uneducated/stupid as they can't think logically.

So in the end we didn't go watch movie, we go shopping instead. And I bought 3 polo shirts from F.O.S. Guess how much is it? Haha.. You won't believe the price I bought it.

3 polo shirts from F.O.S

At only RM23. Meaning one shirt is just RM7.70

After that, we went to see an exhibition by MBSB, a semi-goveernment company provided very basic services like a bank such as bank account, fixed deposit and house and personal loan.

The normal bank account provides 2.25% of interest per annum. And for kid's account which they named it as Chicky account, the interest is 2.5% per annum. Which in my opinion is higher than normal bank outside. However, the only disadvatage will be there's no atm machine available, thus making the transactions can only be done at their office which is located at Satok.

Since there's nothing much to do after that, we decided to leave and went to Hills instead.


Newspaper Star said...

Why the north court no people one?

Applely said...

The t-shirt is male tee? You buy for hubby one har?

RaiNboW said...

Newspaper Star, that is because it's still early. I reach there before 11am.

RaiNboW said...

Applely, not all male tee. Only the green colour one is his. The rest is mine. Lol..

Newspaper Star said...

do you have enough space to put your clothes meh? if always buy