Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Mother's Day

This year mother's day is slightly different than previous years. Why is it? That is because this year, I need to celebrate twice.

First is lunch celebration at Li Garden, Hock Lee. The main purpose of going there is to try on the roasted duck, which is very famous. But I didn't ate too much of the skin as it's fattening. But the meat cooked with XO is nice.

The second celebration was at night, dinner with my grandparents as well. That night the main dish will be the Semah Fish sponsored by my sister's Hubby. The meat of the fish is equivalent taste Empurau according to my sister. Frankly speaking I'd never eaten any Empurau fish but Semah is the nicest I had eaten up to now. The meat is so tender and if it's cooked Teochew style, Halleluyah.

If any of you wishes to buy the fish, you can contact me and I will see if there's any stock. Since my sis's hubby is doing trading, the price is cheaper compare to market. Then you can bring the fish to the restaurant and ask them to cook it for u. Confirm cheaper price than ordering the fish from the restaurant.

The mother's cake for the night. But it's my grandparents who are cutting the cake. Lol...


Newspaper Star said...

is Semah fish imported from overseas?

Newspaper Star said...

The Ikan Semah is Malaysian fish? Or oversea fish?

Anonymous said...

no..its local fresh water fish.nice.