Friday, May 27, 2011

Genting Day Trip

This is the 1 day Genting package that we bought: RM47 per person, which includes the bus ride from 1 Utama to cable car, cable car ride to Genting, Theme park ticket OR buffet lunch, cable car ride and bus ride all the way back to 1 Utama.

Took a photo for remembrance.

We reached Genting around 9.30 as we departed from 1 Utama at 8am. Since Ah Pui is bringing a backpack and backpack is not allowed inside the casino, we decided to walk around for sight-seeing first, then go for lunch buffet, then only go into casino, where we will deposit the backpack in the storage available at RM3.

Walked walked around. Bought some nail polish and a pair of sandals. Finally it's time to go for buffet. The buffet is superb there. There are lots of variaties to choose from, nyonya, chinese, western, japanese, western asian, fruits and desserts. However, most of the photos will be in Ah Phui's camera. I only took the photo of the dessert.

Lastly, after buffet, went in the casino and start playing for 4 hours. Make me lost RM30 there. Sigh~ I even dreamt about betting and winning some cash enough for me to buy my branded bag during the bus trip but in the end I still need to spend 30 ringgit without getting anything.

In case you are wondering why we choose buffet lunch instead of outdoor theme park, the following picture will explained why.


lvynana said...

Long time didnt go there lo.

Newspaper Star said...

u didn't play the theme park meh? I though its fun.

RaiNboW said...

Ho, it's fun but it's raining that day. So no point play at the theme park.