Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Longchamp bag, finally mine!

Well, sorry for disappearing from the blog world as I was taking time off to go for a short trip at KL for the weekend.

Didn't really bought much this time but I managed to buy all the stuffs in my shopping list. One of the things in my shopping list is the fake longchamp bag that I'm drooling about for some time.

Finally, it's mine. Hehe.. Bright pink colour. My mother commented when I showed her the bag, "Another bag?? Pink colour? Get dirty easily lah" @_@

Bo Mood liao. >:(
But then still worth it lah.. haha... I love all my handbags. The only thing I hate about it is that the bags usually won't last very long especially Forest Timber bag as the skin tends to peel off overtime.

Photo taken using my Snow White HTC Wildfire. The cover is black, thus the black phone you see.


Newspaper Star said...

So how you deal with those relegated handbags? Give away kah?

Rose said...

I also have so many handbags in the wardrobe, got to take turn using them otherwise their skin will peel off. Sien! Lovely bag though. Something refreshing than plain old black or white colour.

RaiNboW said...

For those that got some defect i will donate to salvation army lor..

RaiNboW said...

Hi Rose, thanks! It did brighten up my handbags section. hehe..