Thursday, May 5, 2011

Boulevard Pet Show

During Easter weekend, we went to Boulevard to buy Dynamo (Yes, it's our main purpose of going there, since Dynamo 4.7kg selling at RM19.90 only). Does we sound like old couple already?

But instead, we got a free tropicana twister orange juice 275 ml each for free!! Yay!! Untung lah, got free fresh orange juice. I think it's their promotion and the shelf life of the orange juice is 6 months only.

After we bought what we want, besides Dynamo, add in 3-5 stuffs which are not in our grocery list, and all mine T__T, we saw some exhibition going on by SSPCA.

But I only take photos of the reptiles!! Lol....

All are our ancestor dinasours immediate family. Lol... Personally I won't have one of this as my pet and definitely won't allow anyone to rear this as pet in my household! It's nice and excited to watch for a while, but for long term, no thanks, I prefer to look at photos.


Newspaper Star said...

So you buy a lot of Dynamo?
Is it only got reptiles on display? How about mammals or insects?

RaiNboW said...

No, i just bought two since it's limited to 2 per family.
There are a lot of cats and some dogs for display, but no insects.