Thursday, May 26, 2011

First dinner @ KL

First dinner at KL is actually this "Tapao" zhi ling chicken rice set. As we can't wait to go to the hotel to take bath already, so we basically just tapao the food and bring to hotel to eat that night.

And I'm proud to say that I choose the correct food to tapao. It's really nice and quite popular too as I kept seeing people queuing up to buy the fry chicken only. Or maybe it's just my hungry stomach that made me had the illusion that the food is super nice.

Yumm Yum.. They even got side dishes of cold taufu at the side.


Rose said...

I didnt know they have chicken rice set now. Must try it when I visit KL.

Rose said...
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JenJen's Place said...

The chicken set is with rice. The one @ 1u even better! Got alot of different kind of sets!

Haha...yes! I like this too. We also like the crepe and oyster mee suah...

RaiNboW said...

Aiks, i wanna try the oyster mee suah too but someone dun wanna share as I can't finish it.

Hmm.. next time sure will try it. ;)

Laurence Wong said...

Next time come KL have to look me up. I'm working here already. Even have a spare guest room if you guys want to stay with me.