Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Tupperware

Thursday noon time, I decided to go KFC has my lunch instead. Since someone is buying my meal, I think hey, since that morning was so hectic, why not have a nice lunch to set the mood back to good.

Unknown to us, while we are having lunch, a bunch of young looking kids, wearing a 1 Malaysia T-shirt, came in and started giving out 'red packet' to us.

The red packet
. I heard about this free giveaway from a colleague already but I never really experience it. Finally I had my own red packet.

The red packet actually contained 1 A3 poster of our current PM (for the coming Sarawak Election) and 1 beautiful Tupperware. The only thing attracts me is the tupperware to be frank.
Nay, the Tupperware. If you really don't like the 1M logo, you can peel it off. It's just a sticker sticking on the bottle.

1 comment:

Newspaper Star said...

If I got one Tupperwear I will vote BN!
Too bad I didn't get one.