Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oktoberfest @ Munich

The hottest topic during October is....

Tang Tang tang.....

Oktoberfest!! (also known as the beer festival)

However, contrary to the normal norm that Oktoberfest is celebrated during the month of October, in Germany (Where oktoberfest was originated), the celebration was celebrated during 2nd week of September until the beginning of October.

And I am (damn) proud to mention that I have the (rarest) opportunity to be in Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest this year!!! Hooray (x 1000 to myself)...

At Munich, Oktoberfest was celebrated at a big park called Theresiewiese. I extended my business trip for 4 days and my last stop is to enjoy oktoberfest at Munich. (Sorry, cut queue because october-fest is such a hot topic right now.)

Contrary to what other people thought that it's just beer drinking, the park is actually filled with stalls selling souvenirs, foods, and different type of games. It's more or less like Kuching festival, only the area is like 100 times bigger. And the games is 100 times more dangerous + adrenaline rushing than those in Kuching during fun fair.

I regretted not buying this handbag.

The famous ginger bread

Oktoberfest hat

I actually saw ppl wearing this around their neck like a necklace.

And big barn was scattered around the park where ppl will go in and enjoy a pint of beer listen to jolly songs and talk on top of their lungs and have a hearty laugh, because after a glass of beer (BIG beer), all strangers will become your best friend. ;)

Fully seated. it's how hot this festival is in Munich. Even the lousy 2.5 stars hotel that I stayed overnight cost me a hefty 266 EURO, which is equivalent to RM 1080 one night.

People mountain people sea. Surprisingly the weather in Munich is not cold at all, at 20 degree celcius which is just nice.


Dav DiDi said...

By the way .. suddenly it cross my mind .. 3 of u not missing in the crowd? well, compare the heights of them and our asian ppl .. hehehe

RaiNboW said...

haha.. I did lost sight of them one or two times when we are busy looking at different stuffs that attracts us. =P

but luckily can still find them. Else i will cry in the crowd. hehe...