Monday, October 18, 2010

Communication Gap

At a cross junction traffic light, Ah Phui stopped the car as the traffic light is showing red.

Ah Phui: Can I turn?
Rainbow: (Look at the traffic light, notice there is an arrow key) Can, there is an arrow key for turning.
Ah Phui: Now I can turn is it?
Rainbow: (A bit frustrated) Ya, there is an arrow key for turning.
Ah Phui: Aiyoh, I know there is an arrow key, what I’m asking is that whether I can turn when it’s still red light?

At that time the traffic light turn green.

Ah Phui: No need liao.
Rainbow: I thought you ask me whether can turn or not.
Ah Phui: I also can see there’s an arrow key there lah, the question I ask if whether I can turn while it’s still red because sometimes there is an instruction saying turn left if clear.

Rainbow: ….. OH…


Rainbow reached the airport while waiting for her mum and sends a text message to Ah Phui.

“I decided to go pick up my mum from the airport instead since it’s near to her arrival time. Reach airport liao. Listening to my fm now”

3 min later…

“Drive safely ya BB”

“Aiyoh, I say I already at airport lor.. Waiting for my mum now.”

“I know you at airport. Later still need to drive back bah”

Rainbow: …. OH…


Dav DiDi said...

So funny la .. guy and girl differences .. it happens all the time .. kah kah kah kah

RaiNboW said...

Agree. Guys are from Mars and girls from venus.