Monday, December 13, 2010

Mini-Octoberfest @ Dresden

After checking in our hotel and throw the heavy luggage behind us, we zoomed out and started to explore Dresden City. First stop, the mini oktoberfest at the tourist information center.

The following are pictures as I'm lazy to write too much.

Shop selling handicrafts.

Small tree

Fruits stand. My face is pluffy T_T

The food we ordered. I like the mushrooms.

Potatoes! My all time favourite

Ferris wheel. Didn't ride one though. Looks very fragile and shaky in the strong wind

Autumn deco

Cute pottery cup

Posing with a shop

Handicraft. Now I regret I didn't buy any. But it's really too pricey

A shop full of small wooden crafts.

Even have shop selling underwear. Lol

Big size ang moh vs sexy ang moh behind

Ppl queuing to buy food/beer

Then I saw these two pretty ladies with traditional costume. Must take photo with them. Yay!!

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