Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lost @ Dresden

Remember in the last post, I mentioned we stopped and dropped off at Dresden Hauptbahnhof at Neustadt, instead of Altstadt? All our map and directions to our hotel, was done base on the HBF at Altstadt, instead of Neustadt.

However, we did not notice any difference at first. We even went and bought two days public transport ticket, which is EURO5 per day. You can used it for any tram and bus within the city.

Only when we try to board a tram then only we know we are lost because the name of the station is different from what we searched from Google map. Since we lost our way, we had to get a map from the tourist information (instead of our printed map) and so we hopped on to a tram and go all the way to the main stop, which is Postplatz.

Apparently at the open area near the tram stop, there is a mini oktoberfest going round. However, we didn't went in there to explore as we were still bringing our luggage with us. So, we made it a point to stop and explore this mini festival once we had check in our hotel. But luck was on our side that day.

We met a colleague there who explained to us how to get all the necessary information and brought us around after we check in our hotel. Wohoo!! Millions thanks to Mr Nice Guy.

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