Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dresden Part 1

Too many pictures for Dresden as we walked along Elbe Riverside since all the historical buildings are centerised there.

Since there are too many photos available, I will divide it into two parts. The following photos are not in sequence order.

1. Eating a super delicious ice cream while posing for a monument besides Elbe River. The scenery besides the river is superb. Look at the clear sky, it's sunshine, yet cold with temperature around 15 C.

2. The ice cream I'm eating is Movenpick, only 1EURO. Super delicious. I wonder when Kuching can have this ice cream. The yummiest among all the ice cream that I had tried in Germany.

3. At the door of Albertinum museum.

4. Another side of Albertinum museum. Albertinum is a famous fine art museum in Dresden, Germany.

5. Some old historical building which I can't recall the name already. There is just too many of such buildings along the shore of Elbe River.

6. Inside one museum showing Jeff Wall's pieces.

7. The old building showcasting Jeff Wall pieces.

8. Another old building which I can't recall what is the name. If my memory didn't failed me, someone told me it's a big library.

9. The Church of Our Lady, Frauenkirche. The black small piece of wall is the original church which was destroyed during to WW2. The church behind was rebuilt using the original stones (which is blacken due to war) together with original pieces.

10.Dresden is famous for this type of wooden crafted toys. It's so cute and irresistible. Unfortunately, the pricing is resistible. Which explained I did bring any of this lovely toy back.

11. It's the beginning of Oktoberfest.

12. Cuckoo clock, another specialty from Dresden.

13. A monument of Martin Luther.

14. The full view of Frauenkirche (The Church of Our Lady). This picture didn't do it's justice. The church is magnificent. We even went and have a service session there on Sunday.

15. Statue of Frederick Augustus II of Saxony. Frederick Augustus II (full name: Frederick Augustus Albert Maria Clemens Joseph Vincenz Aloys Nepomuk Johann Baptista Nikolaus Raphael Peter Xavier Franz de Paula Venantius Felix) (18 May 1797 – 9 August 1854) was King of Saxony and a member of the House of Wettin.

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