Friday, December 3, 2010

Train journey from Erfurt to Dresden

Finally it's time to leave Erfurt for Dresden. After breakfast at Intercity Erfurt, we went to HPF Erfurt to board an ICE train to Dresden. Our train left at 8.35am and according to the schedule will reach Dresden at 11.19am.

At the train station

Inside the train. Happy!! Finally can go for personal holiday!!

The train route. We hop on at Erfurt, then the train will pass through Weimar, then Lepzig, Riesa, then only Dresden.

Saw an old cargo train on the way

I brought along my blue Mickey to accompany me.

After a while, it's toilet call. Ever wonder how does the toilet inside the train looks like? Well, the room is confined. So basically, you go in, close the door. Pull down ur trousers, then do your business. Then pull up your pants, wash your hands. All at the same 0.5 meter square box.

Besides blue mickey, I brought along an apple from Intercity restaurant. haha...

Apple looking out the window. Wokie, such blue sky...

Finally we reached Dresden HBF.

Train station: Dresden - Neustadt

But that's when the trouble began. Because apparently there is two train stations at Dresden, one at Neustadt, another at Adstadt. Our understanding is that we will reach Adstadt and planned our journey there. So after we purchased our tram tickets, we have no idea which tram stop to go to. More about our adventure in the next post. Stay tuned.

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