Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

After hearing the news yesterday about Japan 8.9 earthquake, it's the headline all over the news today. When I watched the video where the water sweeping through the land at Sendai and sweeping through all the houses, cars, etc, my heart tighten itself for a while.

The scene was scarily the same as the scene of 2012, the end of the world when the world was flooded with water and there is no way to run. I do wonder sometimes, how will it feels when the water gushes over and drown you, do you suffer for a very long time before you finally pass out and die just like that? Or the split second feels like a lifelong and you can have flashback of your life before you finally pass out? It's scary.

I remembered how when I was small, I used to cry at night when I think of death. I feel so powerless against it. But somehow when I grew up, I forgot about my fear and live life as it is without sparing death a single thought. I guess when I'm growing older, this fear of mine will slowly creep up and challenge me once more.

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