Thursday, March 17, 2011

My breakfast

My lovely breakfast prepared by Da Phui. He is the one who is very particular about having a good and hearty breakfast. No matter what happened, he will have to eat a nice breakfast with his kopi 'peng' only then will he be satisfied.

On the other hand, I'm totally the opposite. I don't mind skipping my breakfast. I loved my sleep more than my breakfast. Which resulted in my bad habit of sleeping until the last min in the morning then only will I wake up in a rush and go to office. A habit that I learn during uni time when my parents are not living with me. =P

But now that my stomach has accustomed back with breakfast every morning except Sunday, I will start to feel dizzy by 9 or 10 am if I didn't eat anything. But then I'm still not willing to change my habit of waking up at the very (VERY) last minute. Nothing can be sacrifice when it comes to my beauty sleep.

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