Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza

Is Back again, starting yesterday and will continue until tomorrow. Tonight I went to Bouvelard Sushi King for the RM2 per plate sushi. Hehe.. Both me and Sharon ate 14 plates. I can literally feel my stomach expand.

When I reached there at 6.15, there is a short queue already. But since we are willing to share tables with other ppl, so basically we only waited for 5 minutes only. hehe...

Today dishes we managed to get lots of unagi one. Tempura prawn only 1 plate each. Too bad we didn't manage to deep fried prawn one. It's too popular. Just came out and it's finished by .... less than 1 minute?

Too bad today I forgot to bring my handphone. If no, surely I will take photo. After sushi, went in to Bouvelard for a short window shopping, like 30 min? In this short period of time, I still manage to buy a scarf. =P