Sunday, October 18, 2009

Richmond food & Cute Bear

As you all know, yesterday was my mum's birthday. So we went out to have dinner at Richmond. My mum is a bit "misery" type. Which is good also, since I don't have to pay too much. Haha...

The food I ordered, Grilled Fish
The food my sis ordered, also same as my mum, chicken chop

Then, My bro and I bring my mum along to the Spring for a short window shopping. Went and brought my mum to the top floor to let my mum "wash eyes". Hehe.. Then suddenly I was attracted by a shop there and went in and saw some really cute stuffs.

Cow Bowling

Then I went to the shop besides it, and saw lots of cute and pretty necklaces, those big big one. I dunno what happens to me but recently I'm so into this type of necklace. Saw a few of necklace, but in the end, I decided to buy this one, because of the bear. Haha.. Original Price: RM28.90.

Expensive or not?