Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nichii, MBO cinema at The Spring

Too stress, went to the Spring on Thursday night right after work. Called up my church friend and we decided to go and watched movie. I was late since I only manage to left the office at 5.40pm. As I was rushing towards the MBO cinema, I walked pass through Vincci and surprise, I saw the outer design had actually changed.

Unfortunately I was in a rush, so, I just grab a photo then quickly walked over towards the elevator. And SURPRISE (2nd time), I actually saw this.

YAHOO!!! Nichii is finally open. Cool, another place to go shopping during weekend. Haha…

MBO cinema is cool. I like the interior design. Maybe because it’s new, new stuff is always nicer. Hehe… The staircase that leads to the cinema hall has the middle partition decorated to treat VIP aka red carpet. I was squealing like a small kid (shamelessly) on the way to the cinema hall. =P The cinema hall that we were assigned to is quite big. And there is only a total of 6 persons there throughout the whole entire movie. It’s really a lovely experience. Other than that, the air-con is blasting like they don’t have to pay a single cent to SESCo. Blrrr…

After the movie, of course I grab the opportunity to try out the new shopping spot, Nichii. There is quite a lot of variety and nice clothes in there. This is one that I really like. Should I buy it? Any comment?