Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mega Sales

Today is the last day of Malaysia Mega Sales. Wasted the whole on my Merdeka holiday to go hair salon. Thus, when my dear dear told me that there is mega sales, I can't miss out the urge inside my mind. Hehe... So, yesterday we went out for a shopping spree.

Although the shopping complex here does not have as much variety as in KL or Singapore, nevertheless, i still manage to buy two skirts and a blouse. Hehe...

After that we go to Flavourz at Travilion for our dinner. My dear dear's husband come and joined us for dinner too. Last time Flavourz used to be popular for it's western meal and all those weird weird drinks from all over the countries. Unfortunately the business is not as flourishing as the owner thought and the shop was sold to a philipinoes owner.

Basically yesterday we order, 3 layers pork, midin, ham si lot, long si lot and to si lot. Hehe... wondering wat the name implies?? Go and have a meal there... the waiter (a cute guy) will explain it to you~ ^_^