Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Addicted to Korean drama ~ Thank you

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back. Hehe.. Currently nothing to update my blog. Cuz my weekend is super duber boring. Stay at home watch tv and online only. But luckily one friend from Singapore come back. Sunday afternoon was spend chit chatting with him at Coffee bean. =)

Recently addicted to this korean movie broadcasting at CETV, china channel. At first I wasn't really interested to watch this drama, thus i miss a couple of the episodes. Man~ don't i feel regret. Now, every night i am "fighting" with my mum and my bro for the drama since each of us prefer different channel. Hehe... sound childish hoh~

Well here is the OST of the drama. This drama is so so touching. Haven't even reach the last few episode but i am moved to tears in certain scene, especially when the little cute girl found out that she had AIDS. And the main actor really really leng zai. Hehe.. love him since the first time i saw him in "The successful story of a bright young girl".

And lastly, The MV, ta~ da~