Tuesday, September 4, 2007


When i first heard about this song in the radio, i think this song is just so-so. Nothing really touched me like other songs. But when i go watch the movie - "Secret"; I'm beginning to like the song. I had to admit that it's the movie that make me like the song and not the song first then the movie. Jay Chou's first movie, although i don't really think he is a "才子", but the movie is really out of my expectation. It is much much better than some of the drama series done by Taiwanese. For those who had the same initial idea like me, i strongly recommend you to go watch this movie. Then you will change your mind about the movie. (Although i had to admit that there is quite a few of loop holes since it's Jay's virgin movie)

Well, this is the lyrics for the theme song



在蕩著秋千 夢開始不甜

你說把愛漸漸 放下會走更遠
又何必去改變 你說過的誓言
你用你的指尖 指示我說再見
想象你在身邊 在完全失去之前

你說把愛漸漸 放下會走更遠
或許命運的簽 只讓我們遇見
只讓我們相戀 這一季的秋天
飄落後才發現 這幸福的碎片