Friday, September 14, 2007

Bachelor Nite

Boo hoo hoo~ *sniffing* Finally my dear dear is getting marry this weekend. (T.T) Before she flew to miri on Thursday, we went out together the night before. Basically we just had a drink, chit chatting and taking "monkey" photos. Hehe... Anyway, congrats on ur wedding dear... and ENJOY your honeymoon to the fullest ya.... 20 times in 10 days... lol.....

Dear dear, angie and ME at Casa Davide

Dear dear hates this photo. Said her face is as big as mine. keke~ But where got, right? We had the same face shape. haha..

*Sob* dear dear not single anymore.. no more wild night at Pub dancing and flirting. Lol.. kidding kidding lah..

IT'S NOT TRUE YA, NICK, just something to make u jealous since u steal dear dear from me ;)