Thursday, September 6, 2007

The invasion from outer space??

Ever wonder other lifes besides us in the outer space? A similar earth or a similar you.. in the same world but thousands or millions of light years away? Ever ponder on the question of ET? or the silver surfer as in Fantastic 4?

When i was young, my little mind cannot comprehend that there is another world beyond this earth. Nevertheless, even as i grow older, i might be able to accept this bizarre concept, but up until now I haven't gotten any solid proof that there is such living creature in outer space.

The movie:- The Invasion by Nicole Kidmand and Daniel Craig is about a virus or microorganism that is attached to a space ship and invaded our earth. This virus spread like a flu to all the human being in contact through body fluid. And then human being are being controlled by this virus and become static and cold. However, apparently there are people who are immune to it. And in the end, human being manage to find a vaccine and cure this disease. Homo Sapiens triumphs again!

Nevertheless, i did got scared a few times, especially during the transformation. The "cocoon" stage human being when the virus finally take over is scare #1. Scare #2 is when Nicole is being surrounded by the alien human being..... Guess i should stop giving spoilers now.. Go and watch this movie when you are free.