Saturday, November 20, 2010

Krtek - The Mole all the way from Prague!

Let me introduced: Krtek the Mole

Yippee!!! Mike bought me a magnet allllllllllllllll the way from Prague, Czech Republic. So cute, at first I thought it was a black penguin. Turn out it's actually a mole. This cartoon character is very famous at Czech.

Below is some introduction for Krtek:

The Mole (called Krtek or Krteček (diminutive) in the original) is an animated character in a series of cartoons, created by Czech animator Zdeněk Miler. It was first to be seen in 1956 in Prague, when Miler wanted to create a children's cartoon about how flax is processed. He wanted a strong Disney-influence to the cartoon by choosing an animal for the leading role, and decided to pick a mole after stumbling over a molehill during a walk. The first film called "Jak krtek ke kalhotkám přišel" ("How the mole got his pants") was released in 1956, and the cute main character won itself an enormous popularity in many Eastern European countries, Germany, Austria, and China. Production for further episodes started in 1963 and since then, around 50 episodes have been created.

After been back from Germany, now I appreciate the souvenir brought by other people. Before I went oversea, whenever someone bought me something, I always wonder, "what is it?" "what's so special about all these?"

But now I understand. It's called souvenir for a reason. To remember a place or a resemblance of a place. I appreciate that a person actually took their time to look for a suitable souvenir from their tight schedule and willing to pay the extra money to get something for you rather than spend the money on themselves.

And I also realize something. It's call growing up. I'm growing up, or in other word, becoming slightly more mature compare to the old me.

I'm getting older....

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