Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eating Subway at Munich

After visiting Spielzeugmuseum, it's nearly time for dinner. With growing stomach (Since walking for one whole day) we walked around to scout for nice and not too expensive food. :)

Was walking around the center of Munich, saw some very nice yet dunno-what-is-the-building -name building. Such as the building below.

Then finally we spotted the Subway. It's a name that my colleague was mentioning on the first day we arrived Erfurt. However, I do not have the chance to eat it at Erfurt nor Dresden. So I'm really lucky to be able to eat it at Munich.

Subway has 5 different types of bread for you to choose from. I choose the honey oat flavour. It's really nice, and a bit sweet due to the honey.

And, you can even choose the length of the bread you want to eat. Haha.. The left side is half foot, around 6 inches, and the right side is the one inch sandwich.

This is me munching away while exclaiming loudly to my travel-mates how nice the sandwich is. I mean it's so worth it. Not only it's less expensive than normal meal in Germany, it's also very tasty. At least I can now cross out "Trying subway" from my to-do-list.

Soooo nice......

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