Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Weekend

I had a happy weekend. Although I need to come to work on Saturday morning, but luckily it's only half day as there is another engineer on duty that day. After that went to Hopoh to eat KFC and collect Ah Phui's new spec.

After that drove around Kch and saw the banner showing 1st Kuching Expo 2010 at Hills shopping mall. So we dropped by Hills and just leisure there while taking our time to see the exhibition.

I like the decoration for this pedicure booth

Someone performing on the stage

Another thing that made my day was that I received two presents. Two new necklaces for a small anniversary. Hehe..

Then on Sunday night time went to Jalan Song Peach Garden for our dinner. Two people eat only but we ordered 5 dishes.

Another dish porridge still hadn't arrive when I took this photo.

Try a new popiah today.

After that went One Jaya for a walk while trying to digest off the food. I heard a few comments from my friends about the shops here selling quite reasonable price clothing so I went there for a motive to shop if I managed. In the end I do manage to buy the following after walking around for an hour like that. Too bad I cannot extend my window shopping anymore as my driver is sick with flu + fever. Hope he recovers soon.

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