Monday, March 9, 2009

I really cannot stand this!!

I hate it especially when people try to be "all-knowing-they-are-smarter-than-u-lalala". I think this people should really keep their mouth shut! You should do this, you should do that, bla bla bla. Hey, I'm the one deciding what should my action gonna be. Not you, ok?! If I needed your advice, I will ask for one.

Scenario #1

Ah Beng
: You know, rainbow, you should do like this etc for your future.

Ah Liang
: Did I ask for ur opinion? And how do you know I din do anything abt the current situation?

Another case will be those old and not-so-old people. They always think that they eat salt more than you eat rice. (Chinese Saying) So, they will start ordering around. F#ck! Don't order ppl to do work for you. Do it yourself. You got hands and legs apart from your big mouth!

Scenario #2

Ah Beng
: Someone's birthday is coming soon. You should celebrate. Go eat. Buy birthday cake. Go pick bla bla bla up at bla bla bla time, book which restaurant, don't order this, order this, etc..

and the list go on.

Ah Liang
: If you want to celebrate, by all mean go and DO it yourself. I'm not your servant. And if I do decide to celebrate, I will do it in my OWN way, not your way. Get it?

I really don't understand this traditional, ASIAN culture. First, they assume they are almighty know more than you do. Second, they treat you like you are an invalid or mentally retard. Third, they want you to be like them.

And the ironic part is when u try to be like them, they either say u r easily influence, or u don't have any stand at all. I was like, WTF?!?!