Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crime Rate Increase

I am not sure it is because of the worsen economy, apparently the crime rate at Kuching has actually increase. (In my opinion, no concrete proof)

This is because recently I kept on hearing stories (real life story) from my friends and relative that their car got break in because they left their bags in it. This afternoon, my brother sms me that the car got break in and his school bags got stolen at King Center area, Da Lai.

Luckily he followed his friend's car to Da Lai, which means it's his friend's car that is broken in. Bear in mind that my bro and his uni fren transfer all their bags into the bonnet at Swinburne before going to eat. Meaning those thief meaning standby there and wait for "potential" people to take the bait.

And previously, I heard from one of my church fren that her car got break in too, when she is having lunch with her family. Walao eh, in broad afternoon at the parking slot besides a busy road. ~_~

Really, what is happening to this small peaceful city?