Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Qimonda in US close down

Today there is another rumour. I heard Qimonda (A DRAM manufacturer) close down (as in WD Kuching case) for all the sites. However, after confirming with an employee there at Senai, he told me that for today, 4/2/09 Malaysian date, only the US site shutting down in Richmond, cutting 1500 jobs. Wow.... That is A LOT OF people.

However, my friend is not so optimistic about the site at M'sia. He mentioned that US site actually send out the official email in the morning to the employees without prior notice and by the afternoon, all the employees are lay-off, without any pay or compensation.

This is bad. And it will get worst. As quoted from the US President Obama, he is alarmed at how fast the US economy has deteriorated, and worrying it keeps him awake at night.

Even the president is having sleepless night over this economy downturn. I have a solution for insomnia, TRY THE SLEEPING PILLS.