Thursday, February 12, 2009

Go Bald Campaign

Ever since Kenny promote the Go Bald campaign, I had been wanting to donate and see his head shave bald. Well, tonight I finally meet him in person and see how his round is his head without all the extra hair on it.

Reach there around 7.35pm. Not many ppl around. Snap a photo with the GO BALD campaign poster

Walked around. Go buy a McD ice cream while waiting for the real man to arrive.
Finally, he was here. Entertaining other gals.

Well, what is the point of going there if I don't go and take photo with the real man right? Quickly walk over and ask is it ok for him to take photo with me? Then quickly ask my fren, Irene to join and take photo together.

Finally, the real show is going to start. Before having his head shave, Kenny has the last word with his hair.

Then the real show started. He closed his eyes in the beginning. I think he is regretting his own decision against his better judgment.
Ta-Da. Look how round his head is. Hehe...

All the hair on the floor stage

After that, he raised RM2500 that night along by agreeing to shave his head even shinier. Well, he did manage to raise that amount, so, the total amount that he managed to raise is actually RM65,000.

The bald man. The lady besides him is his mum.

Basically I think this is really for a good cause. The money will go into the fund to help all those cancer children in Sarawak. Well, maybe not all the cancer children, but at least a handful of it. And I think they will thank those that had donated to this campaign.