Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I fall down... Silly or not?

I cannot believe it!! Why bad things always happened to me during end of the year annually without failed?

This is what happened last year during Dec time. Can't remember? Well, frankly, I twisted my toe.

Notice how my left foot 2nd toe was black?

And what happened today? I fell down, on the road, at my office carpark, right in the middle of an afternoon after lunch!!! How "suai" can a person be?

This is how it looks when I had it clean up in the in-house clinic. I'm not sure if it's deja vu or not, but it's happened to the same foot, in a year time! Now, can anybody tell me what's going on?

After bath just now, this is how it looks.

Besides that, there is an add on bonus on my knee. But I should be lucky that I wear long pants today. At least it's not bleeding. Hmmm... Should I start praying to God already?