Friday, January 23, 2009

Twisted Toe

This post is so out-dated. I twisted my left toe 2 days before New Year, causing me to actually stay at home and watch Hong Kong drama series during New Year Eve, where everyone else is having a good time counting down. Sh!t. Even after 3 weeks I still feel grumpy I miss the most happening night staying at home nursing my toe. Really bad luck.

Anyway, at first this is what it looked like. A little bit swollen. Other wise not much difference.

The next day, it started to get black around the side and back.

See, very painful one le.. Although it's just a little small toe.

A couple of days after the unlucky incident, this is what my toe looks like in comparison to my "good" toe aka right foot.

The whole toe turned black. Because of this incident, I stay at home from Monday until Thursday before going back to work on Friday.

I received a lot of question as how do I twisted my toe. What happened? You practise Yoga until like that ah?

Well, actually I'm a bit shy to tell the real truth. I actually twisted my toe at my own house, inside my little brother's bedroom some more. The real incident is that I was sitting cross-legged at my bro's bed playing with my laptop. Then my legs got cramp, and I decided it's time to stand up. And


I twisted my toe. T_T