Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve

Yippee!!! In less than 4 hours we will be having a humongous dinner, traditionally called the "Tuan Yuan Fan". Anyway, yesterday is the most tiring yet happy day for me. First I was force to wake up early in the morning (9am already, but still early for me ~_~)

This is the breakfast I ate on Friday morning. The food looked so delicious that I can't help by take a photo for remembrance.

What did we do yesterday? First we wash all the cars available in our house, next I'm the "unlucky" one to vacuum the house whole... Then I have to wrap the "popiah" skin around pork floss to make tidbits for cny. I tell u, the small tiny thing is so time consuming to make. No wonder ppl are selling it at such a high price.

This whole glass was done by me, except like maybe 3% which was help by my bro.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Make this year bring proprerity and joy to all.
(Sorry, tat photo was taken after house cleaning and cookies making. Very tired by then but still wan to pose for photo. Hehe...)