Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Cottage

Found this new eating place besides Kuching Specialist Hospital. The eating place is situated inside a normal house, which might be a bit hard to find if you are first timer. We managed to find this eating area because one of our colleagues went there for lunch before.

The environment inside the place is very antique and "Sarawakian" feel. In fact, it's quite conducive having lunch at this place.

See, the interior design nice right. For your information, all the stuffs inside the place are for sale. You can actually purchase most of the items, although price wise in my opinion is quite expensive. Hehe... I'm a middle class income group, just barely above lower class income group.

Ta~ Da~ The food that we order. All the set lunch is priced at RM7. The drink is around RM4.9 since we ordered ice chocolate. However, bear in mind that the ice chocolate is so rich that by the time u finish ur lunch and go back to work, you will definitely feel so bloated and sleepy until maybe 3.30pm. So, I won't recommend this place if you have an urgent meeting in the afternoon.