Friday, August 7, 2009

The Guardian

So, what did I do taking sick leave and staying at home most of the time (Well, nearly all the time except when I go out see doctor). The doctor advised me to stay at home and don't go out until I recover, I guess he gets sick seeing me go there everyday. Hehe...

Ok, joke aside, what did I do? Today I watch a very meaningful and touching story. The guardian. I know I know, it's a very very old movie (2006). But I didn't manage to watch it until now (3 days MC)

The story is about the US coast guard, and their job to go out during natural disaster such as storm or hurricane to safe lives. It's such a touching story. I was in tears towards the ending. (Reminder: Spoiler ahead)

"There is a legend of a man who lives beneath the sea. He is a fisher of men, the last hope of all those who have been left behind. Many survivors claim to have felt his gripping hands beneath them; pushing them up to the surface; whispering strength until help could arrive. But this, of course, is only a legend."

Caught your attention? The main actor is a very brave coast guard. In the end, he sacrificed himself to save his student. (So touching) This is almost like a scene in Armageddon, where the father sacrifice his life for his daughter's fiance's life. (I always have a soft spot for this kind of movie. But definitely not Titanic. It's a bit fake in my opinion)