Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terminator Salvation and Angels & Demons



Because I'm happy and satisfy.


Because today is a holiday for me.

But WHY is it a holiday for me?

Because of force leave lor.....

Now, back to why I'm happy today. Hehe.. Because I had a movie marathon. Woo Hoo!! Watched two mega hit movies, Terminator Salvation and Angels & Demons.

Muah muah muah..... Feeling very satisfying. Because it's been quite a while I watched a movie in the cinema. Rather than telling u ppl what is nice about the movie, which I bet u heard a lot already, I'm going to tell what I don't like about the movie.

1. Terminator Salvation
I don't like how in the end the guy/machine Marcus has to sacrifice to give his heart to John Connor, and there is no introduction in the story why Marcus had to be executed in the first place.

2. Angels & Demons
What I really hate is how in the end it's the Camerlengo who is the real master mind behind all this. I thought in the end, the story finally have a good ending, the RC is going to be lead by a good "son of the God". In the end...... Sigh.... Really not expecting that.

Ok lah. That's the ending to my rattling. For those of you who haven't watch the movie, go watch it. If you want to wait, then might as well wait till Transformer which will be airing soon.