Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Missing In Action? MIA?

Yo!! I'm back. So sorry for disappearing for a week. Actually I got a lot of stuffs to blog about. First its Gawai visiting. Next is a new hang out place name Vogue. And some update on my work... But fate has it that I'm down with stomachache during the weekend where I'm suppose to spend the time meaningfully, but instead, I ended up sleeping throughout the weekend.

Ok, now, new hang out place and Gawai visiting I will leave it to a later time, and if I remember. However, if you are interested on my Gawai visiting, hop over to DD blog. Basically, our story will be the same and all the photos are the same too. No suprise here.

After having a long holiday, work is the last thing in my mind. But work is also my source of income. What to do, have to do my job, else how can I buy all those stuff that I desire. But I have to admit, my tiny boss is still the same fathead pig. Sigh.... Enough about him, at least I think I'm a bit more mature now. I know how to ignore and not let myself be affected by him. =) Good girl... (Should I reward myself with that Levi's Curve jean??)

Next, I received a call today. (Off again today, because I needed all the sleep as I can't get used to the working pattern yet. Am deprived of sleep thus this morning I slept till 12 noon @_@) The email that I sent out was dated back in March. Personally I totally forgotten that I even written the mail before. And now, I'm having a bit of nervousness. What should I do? Should I try my best and change my path or just stick to my current, beginning to get really boring path?

Aih, I'm not sure. But I guess I will try my luck first. No harm trying your best right? Treat it as an experience. Who knows, something good might comes along. And I desperately need some good stuff to spurr me on. Okay lah, that's all. Don't ask any question. Will reveal it when the time is right. ;)