Monday, October 29, 2007


Been to Tao? Well, i had been there several time. The environment there is quite cosy, like many of this similar type of get-around place that seems to be very popular in Kch. Basically the interior design of this drinking place is tied to it's name, which is Tao. Inside this shop, the decoration is mainly about Buddhisms or taoism. And there is quite a few of Buddha's statues. Here's an example of one.

Basically the shop only opens during night time. Mostly the shops sell drinks and cakes. For those who is celebrating their birthday, this shop will give a free cake if provided that you show them your IC. ^_^

Hmm.. Actually the prices there is not cheap. One cup of Ice Chocolate can costs you around RM11. However, this shop does provide you board games and card games to play with while you sit there cosily, chit chatting with your fren and sipping on a nice cup of drink.

These lanterns are located above me from where i sit. Hehe..

This view is exactly in front from where i sit. =)

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