Monday, October 1, 2007

1-Oct~ A new month

Getting Monday blues... No mood to do my work. keke~ That's why i am writing in my blog currently, with my big boss right behind in the next cubicle talking to other colleagues. Hehe... but don't care lah.. yesterday after church being called back to do presentation slide for him because customer visit.

Hmm... planning to cut my hair short this week. But i'm not sure whether i will regret my decision later or not.. but dun care lah.. just tied up into a pony tail. Soon my hair will grow longer.

Now, anything new or not... let me think *thinking hard*. Recently life is a little bit boring. But nevertheless i still find time to go shopping. lol.. bought a new skirt. =D Oh ya, i just finish reading a book titled " The little prince". Basically it's a short story book with fairy tale like story. It's about the author meeting this little prince who is come from a planet far far away and that things in his planet is all small. What's special about this book is that it slips in the reality of the grown up world and some of the behaviour that we are so familiar with that the corner of your mouth will turn when u read it. =)