Monday, October 8, 2007


Even though i never really been to very fancy places or overseas but i do have a small objective in my life. Hehe... that is, since i am in Kuching now and am stuck here for don't know how many years... i plan to go and try out all the nice places and foods available in Kch. hehe...

There's two igloo in Kch, one is situated beside 4th mile Everise and the other one is situated at King Centre. Yesterday i went to the one situated at King Centre since i went to 4th mile one before. Basically the decor inside igloo is very much the same for the two shops. The main colour is white and blue, making the environment inside feels cool... And there is bottles of flowers on one side of the wall, which is quiet pretty in my opinion. At igloo, we choose to sit at the kid's corner and order basically, ice. hehe...

This is how igloo looks like on the inside

The counter

Kiddy's corner where i sat

There is 4 different type of ice, namely milk ice, peanut ice, strawberry ice and green tea ice. For me, i prefer peanut ice together with chocolate chips. =D but yesterday i ordered milk ice with marie cookies (Pic below). Hehe... Still yummy nevertheless.