Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bangkok trip 2014 Day 2

Basically the second day was a full day of work. The only thing we went out of the factory is to have lunch. Amiss our short lunch, I personally think that our lunch location is quite unique. Basically, we are having lunch on top of a floating "sort-of" boat.

The location we had our lunch
The food we had that day during lunch. Basically the "spotlight" of the lunch is their fresh from the river prawn, which is not bad in my opinion.

Later that evening after testing, we went to a shopping mall to have our dinner. Truth to be told, I can't recall the shopping mall name. Haha.. I think it starts with the word Mega ..... something. Didn't buy much except the Lay keropoks. lol... 
And I totally forgot to take the photos of the food, but I do remember the name of the restaurant is call Four Seasons.
Different flavours of Lay keropok


Rose said...

Saw this floating boat in my friend's fb. Very unique to have lunch in a floating boat!

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Linda said...

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