Friday, August 22, 2014

Bangkok trip 2014 Day 1

Last week I went to Bangkok for a short business trip 4D3N. The last trip to Bangkok was in Year 2008! Gosh, 6 years had pass!

So we took Malaysia Airlines to go to Bangkok and surprisingly our connecting flight did not encounter any delay, which is a relief. After reach the hotel, we went straight to our hotel to check in. The hotel that we stayed is Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel, which is located opposite the Central Mall Shopping mall.

The room is quite spacious and overlook the city.After we checked in, we went to the Central Mall to shop for a while before our dinner. For dinner on the first night, we was brought to Tawandang German Brewery for dinner. Personally, I really like the environment there. There is actually a stage in a big room and there is performance every night and every night, the performance will be different.

It is just our luck that day when we arrived is actually public holiday in Thailand, to celebrate their Queen's birthday. So, most of the performance is singing, and some shows. I have to admit the dancer are really good and their singing quality is good too. Just that too bad most of the songs are sang in Thai language.

Apart from that, the food that night is good too. Truth to be told, the food for the 3 nights I stayed in Bangkok had been superb. I am very confident that I gained much weight when I return back to Kuching.

Pork Knuckle

For remembrance

The beer

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