Monday, February 28, 2011

Station One @ Kuching

Went to station 1 sometime in January. My gosh, I had so many blogs need to update yet so little time. This CNY had been a crazy new year. Too little time for myself... Hopefully next year won't be a hectic as this year. ;)

So sorry, very lazy to organize the picture. It's in random...

The dessert, chocolate cake. I liked it, but he said too sweet, yet he still ate half of it. @_@

There are two persons singing that night. Girl's voice not bad, guy's one so-so nia.

Green Tea, mine!

My Yee Mee

His chicken chop

That's me!

First time here

Valentine promotion. OMG, it's end of February already when I blog this. =P

The choices of ice cream available.

The menu

Overall the food is ok. Nothing to brag about. The pricing wise, well, you can find better food outside with this much you are paying.


Newspaper Star said...

Where is this? Jalan what?

RaiNboW said...

It's inside Hills Shopping Mall