Friday, February 18, 2011

Chinese Tradition

Officially starting from today, I hate chinese tradition.

I mean, what are all those nonsense about? Why can't we just follow our own thinking, our own liking, own own preference, our own choice?

Just for the sake of tradition, I have to follow your instruction, I have to do this, I need to do that just to please other people or to fulfill certain rules & regulations which the creator had long been dead and nobody even know the name of that person.

I'm so in the mood to scold bad words and swear.

Why can't the new generation do whatever they want and wish? Kns, just because all the other people are doing that also? Stupid and unreasonable.

I especially hate it when I'm lead by the ear to live my life, rather than my own heart telling me what to do. Things are suppose to be wonderful, but in the end, it's just doing for the sake of doing. The enjoyment, happiness is not there anymore.

But what can I do? In the end I can only give in to the all-mighty tradition.

However, after this, I will live life the way I WANT it. Not your words, his words, her words, nor the tradition, the culture.


Rose said...

What is this all about, Rainbow?

Newspaper Star said...

Which kanasai tradition are you talking about?

Applely said...

What is it about? getting married?