Monday, June 7, 2010

Shopping, bought dress from NICHII

Bought a new dress from nichii yesterday at The Spring together with a belt. Hehe.. Early birthday presents for myself. lalalalala~~~

Jean dress
Lacey belt

My shopping companion, Sharon is a "sun you". Always tempt me to buy a lot of stuff, saying "Eeeee, very cute ah", "Wah, looks nice", "Very fit oh" these type of comment. ~_~

Besides that, I bought a cute bangles together with an aerobic t-shirt. DD had been asking me, buy that shirt, when are you going aerobic. Lols... I told her NOT SURE YET.

Last but not least, my lunch yesterday at the spring, top floor. I think the shop is call LOP. Comment: Soup too few, but beef very tender.

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