Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Trip Day 3

Finally, my Kota Kinabalu Day 3 post is out, after 2 months. So sorry about that. Okay, let's start the story telling.

First, having breakfast at Gaya Street in a restaurant call Fong Ip. After a hearty breakfast, went and explore the sunday market at Gaya Street. Malaysia weather is really really hot, even with short pants but still you can sweat through the whole trip. In the end I cannot tahan the hot sunray and bought myself a cap, which follow with me go to Bali as well. haha..

Below are some of the photos taken at Gaya Street.

Bought some souvenirs from Gaya street and some other bling bling as well. Oh ya, I really do like the turtle key chain I bought from there. But too bad I finish giving it out.

Next, walk back to hotel to "claim" our rental car, theeeeeeee Proton Waja. haha....

1518, try buy Toto or 4D or Magnum. If kena, just chia me eat Ice Kacang enough liao.

View along the way to 1 Borneo

Saw some government building, however I have no idea what the above building is. Anyone, can help?

At the small jetty at the Sabah university. Give me a minute, let me recall the university name...... Err, I think it's call UMS, University of Malaysia Sabah?

Then go SHOPPING at 1Borneo. Yahoo!! Photo taken at the entrance of 1 Borneo.

Then drive all the way to Shangri-La's resort to watch sunset.

Then drive all the way back to KK. Oh ya, before that, when we are on our way to Shangri-La's resort, we actually get lost a few times, causing us to miss a significant of our sunset viewing. Such a pity. The weather is so beautiful that day. Night time we went and have dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

And with that, it marked the end of Day 3 at KK.


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