Sunday, May 30, 2010

Body Shop

Went with Michaeline to go Hill's shopping together yesterday. Wah, it's been such a long time we two go shopping together. It's nice finally being able to have some girls time out together. But I didn't really shop much since I just finish shopping at Bali and KL. But nevertheless I still bought something.

Body shop body scrub. Used it last night, my opinion, it's quite good and soothing.

Then bought this cute hair pin. Hehe.. Then walk over to Riverside Parkson and change the battery for two of my watches. RM25 (for Swatch) and RM12 (for Elle) = RM 37. So expensive lor in my opinion. Then send my dress for dry cleaning, but can only get it on Thursday.

Well, that's all for my update today. Still trying to edit my KK post. Stay tune~

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