Monday, December 24, 2007


Hehe... This is kind of late since i promise to write abt this since... hmm.. last month? Anyway, kind of busy that's why I dun have time to write nor update my blog. Only until i found out the different google logo that i start to write my blog.

Okie, let start with this Korean restaurant known as Koreana, which is situated opposite Hilton, on the same row as Scoops, the ice cream shop. Since this it the first time we went there, so it's kind of hard for us to locate this shop, since it's not situated near the road side where we can have a good view of it. We need to walk into the corridor and turn to a walkway.... And if u search carefully, then u will notice this small sign on top of the door... as shown in the picture below. =)

Now, let's talk abt the food. The food there in my opinion is "Not bad le" which is not what i expected as i expect the food to be not suitable for Malaysian taste. That night we order quite a lot. We order two plate of bbq meat (pork and beef) and a bowl of the korean spicy soup. And 6 plate of side dishes, which come together with the bbq dish. The typical way of eating this kind of korean dishes is:-
1) Take a piece of vegetables (leaves)

2) Put the bbq meat on top of the vege

3) Add in side dishes to boost the taste

Side dishes. (6 altogether)

4) Roll the vege and cover the meat

5) Open your mouth big big and eat it!!

6) Yummmmy..... It tastes lovely...

The food was too lovely.. i actually forgot to take photo. Only until all the dishes are done then only i remember to take the photo.

And lastly, we drink the famous beer~ SOJU, which is so famous that every korean drama that they broadcasted show the actors/actoresses drinking this. Hmmm.. the taste... i think it tastes much better than normal beer (Tiger, Calsbeirg) but it's a bit choking if you r not use to it.